SEO and Marketing for Escape Room Businesses

You may have noticed that escape rooms have seen a surge in popularity recently. One of the reasons is that human beings love games, especially ones that are uniquely suited to their personality. 

Escape rooms help us feel special and also that we make up a team, and this social connection, along with the mystery of the unknown, can be an attractive quality.

The experience itself has become quite popular around the world, with celebrities and influencers posting their pictures all over social media. It makes more and more people want to try it out. 

The good news is that you do not need to rely on influencers or celebrities to market your escape room adventure. There’s another way, a more systematic approach to digital marketing.

It’s called SEO and means Search Engine Optimization for Escape Rooms. Every online business uses SEO to bring in more customers to their websites and sell more products or services. 

In this post, we’re going to share insights that will help you understand the value of using SEO in your business and how we can make it easier for you. 

What is SEO for Escape Rooms

The internet has about 1.74 billion websites right now. It means that all of these websites are fighting for attention and getting more visitors to their business. 

The victorious websites usually rank at the top of search engines(like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more)

How does one get to the top of search engines? 

The first step is to use SEO and create your content and website in a way that can be found on search engines. You have to use tactics and strategies that will enhance the position your website shows up online.  

Therefore, it’s about speaking the language of the search engine. 

As a starting point, you’ll need the right keywords, and also you’ll need to know your competitor’s ranks because you can review and see what they are doing to rank higher. Then implement and provide better service or keyword research to improve.  

Necessarily, the keywords will tell the search engines what your website is about, that’s the niche and will categorize it accordingly. When customers visit your site, they will then get the opportunity to become customers.

SEO for escape rooms will work like a charm if you can find the keywords related to your business and apply it to your website, social media, and more. You can do this yourself, which can be time-consuming and may need training. 

Alternatively, you can use an expert that will provide you a full SEO service that implements all tools and strategies to place you high up in the search engine rankings. 

Benefits of our SEO service

The benefits of using SEO are tremendous, and we want to share the reasons you may benefit from using our SEO service to get more traffic to your website. 

Transparent – We will let you know exactly what we are doing to improve your rank on all search engines. In this way, you do not have to wonder, and it will equip you with knowledge and confidence.

Focussed – Our goal is to ensure we are always available for you, so we aim to limit the number of clients we take on. This means we can give you our undivided attention.

Share best practice – It’s essential that SEO experts continually update the processes that improve Google rankings. We always keep up to date with forums, search engine debriefings, and groups focused specifically on Search Engine Optimization. You can be sure you will still get the best knowledge.

What you can expect

When you work with us, we aim to follow a three-step process which is included below for you:

Analysis and review 

Our experts know exactly what to look for when reviewing your escape room, and it’s presence online. Therefore, we’ll take a deep dive into the current state of your rankings, social media presence, and content. 

We’ll look at data that will be very useful for your business. Data like 3-month trends of people searching for escape rooms in your specific location as well as all the keywords that could be used for escape rooms. 

We use the latest digital technology to find this information and apply our tools to the data. 

SEO Strategy

Another relevant data set is to look at the top escape rooms in your area and understand why they rank so high. 

Essentially, once we have a thorough understanding of your rank at present, we can then create a plan to bring more visitors to your website who will become paying customers eventually. 

Once we have the data, we’ll know the right keywords to apply to your business and also your top competitors and their marketing strategies. 

This process helps us to model some of their best strategies and apply them in a unique way to your escape room. The goal is that we get your escape room to the top of all search engines.


The moment you’ve been waiting for, and that is the result. Understanding everything about your escape room data is essential as it helps us create tactics and strategies that you can leverage to get your business known. 

The only thing left to do is to apply everything to your business website, and start to see the improvements daily. 

Your escape room will begin ranking on all search engines, and if done well, you will have no shortage of visitors. You may even have a waiting list due to demand. 

Why choose AXE SEO for Your Escape Room?

You may be tempted to do it yourself, and that can be useful; however, it could mean the difference between getting site visitors in a couple of weeks versus a couple of months. As a busy business owner, you may value your time and prefer to hire specialists to help you out. 

You may be interested in finding that we are one of the pioneers in providing SEO to escape room businesses like yours. Initially, we had many people talk to us about the challenges they faced when trying to get their escape room ranked on Google, but it seems there were too many competitors in the area. 

We knew then that our goal of helping small or medium-sized escape rooms improve their visitor number would be helpful. 

Additionally, we’ve seen escape rooms who started off providing services to their one location initially. Once they started using our SEO service, their brand grew, and many more people wanted to use their Escape Room. So they had to expand in other locations in the country.

Final Thoughts 

You may wonder why you aren’t seeing the same kind of popularity right now in your escape room venue. Well, it all comes down to the current competition and how many players are in the market. 

That said, competition is not always a bad thing as it ensures that you always provide the best escape room experience for your customers. 

Even more exciting is that you can now apply a new strategy to get more feet into your escape room, which is via SEO. 

Our insights about using SEO showed you could use it as a tool to improve how your customers find you online. If your Escape Room website is currently on the 6th,7th, or 8th pages of search engines, it’s quite easy to remedy the situation and bring up your website to the 1st page. 

It does take time, expertise, and using the best tools on the market to analyze your website traffic. From here, implementation is something that can be done by carefully applying content SEO to your website. 

In this way, your website will speak the search engine language, and visitors will come flocking to your site in no time. Your traffic graph will go from being a flat line to one that is progressively growing month-by-month. 

If you want to gain more visitors to your escape room, please go ahead and book a free discovery call with us. 

Did you enjoy the post of SEO for Escape Rooms? If so, let us know in the comments below! 

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